We Need Your Vintage Photos!

OTM is working on our very own Images of America title (http://www.arcadiapublishing.com/series/Images-of-America), and we invite you to submit vintage photographs for inclusion that date from 1880 to 1980; are of a significant building or event in Winslow; include people; and are in good condition. If your image is selected, we’ll need to scan the original, and you’ll receive credit in the book under you name. The deadline for contributing images is June 30, 2012. Topics include Winslow’s founding and growth; the Santa Fe Railroad; Harvey Houses, Harvey Girls, and La Posada Hotel; local trading posts, ranches, and lumber mills; Route 66 and Winslow’s Airport; government, services, and education; organizations, churches, and neighborhoods; and recreation, sports, and special events.