WHS Membership Acknowledgments

The Old Trails Museum is owned and operated by the Winslow Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation funded primarily by the City of Winslow. OTM relies on additional financial support from our members, donors, and customers in the OTM Store and OTM Online Store. Please join us in our efforts to keep OTM thriving. With you, we have a future; without you, we’re history! (Above: A Fokker F-10A tri-motor is seen here during the inaugural airmail stop at Winslow’s airport in October 1930.)

WHS Membership Acknowledgments

Lifetime Members

  • Allan Affeldt of Winslow
  • David Andreasen of Jacksonville, Florida (Honorary)
  • Robin and Teresa Boyd of Surprise, Arizona
  • Kevin Brannick of Sedona, Arizona
  • Gary Brennan of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Maureen Brennan of University Heights, Ohio
  • Marsha and Mike Childers of Winslow
  • Robert Dixon of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Anne Doyle of Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Loy and Patricia Engelhardt of Winslow
  • Roberta Gilman and Robert Wilson of Santa Barbara, California
  • Ann and Dave Hartman of Winslow
  • Randy Hummel of Winslow (Honorary)
  • Jan and Maria Elena Keizer of Corte Madera, California
  • Tess and Lawrence Kenna of Winslow
  • Darlene Kennedy and Robert Zaccaria of Winslow
  • Penny Kinley of Winslow
  • Dixie Lane and Don Oswald of Phoenix, Arizona
  • John and Nancy Lane of Jerome, Idaho
  • Brian and Lori Bentley Law of Winslow
  • Johana Lee of Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Ann-Mary and Dan Lutzick of Winslow
  • Denny and Peggy Nelson of Winslow
  • Anita and Armand Ortega of Sedona, Arizona
  • Bert Peterson of Winslow
  • Mario and Ma Dimpna Rodriguez of San Bernardino, California
  • Joe Rohr of Burkesville, Kentucky
  • Toya Rubi of Winslow
  • Paul Ruscha of Winslow & Los Angeles, California
  • John L. Scott of Winslow
  • Cynthia S. Walker of Paradise Valley, Arizona
  • Gerri and Sean Sullivan of Evanston, Wyoming
  • Ken and Nancy Zoll of Sedona, Arizona

2024 Benefactor Members

  • David Rencher of Riverton, Utah

2024 Patron Members

  • Joan Harden and John Suttman of Winslow
  • Michele Hernandez of Winslow
  • RaeNell Holmes of Winslow
  • Terry Morris of Star Valley, Arizona
  • Julian & Ryan Peterson of McKinney, Texas
  • Sativa Peterson and Liam Sherman of Phoenix, Arizona