OTM Seeks Photos for “Past & Present: Winslow”

The Old Trails Museum is seeking your photos for a new book! Past & Present: Winslow, an Arcadia Publishing title, will feature historic photos (1960s or earlier) of Winslow buildings alongside current, in-color images of the same properties.

OTM is looking for photos of specific buildings because we don’t have good ones – or ones at all – of many we would love to include in the book. You would only have to lend us your photo to scan and your permission to use it, rather than donating it to the museum.   

Below is the list of properties for which we’re seeking photos, along with guidelines on the types of photos we can (and can’t) use. Thank you in advance for helping to spread Winslow’s great history!

We’re looking for historic photos of:

  • Winslow Auto Supply (now art gallery) at 200 West Second Street (NW corner of Second and Warren)
  • Texaco (now Harley Hendricks Realty) at 201 West Second Street (SW corner of Second and Warren)
  • Buckleys Bootery (now Crafters Den) at 110 West Second Street
  • J.C. Penney Co (now Route 66 Plaza) on West Second Street
  • Valley National Bank (now Old Trails Museum) at 212 North Kinsley Avenue
  • Lehman’s Department Store (now Motor Palace Mercantile) at 213 North Kinsley Avenue
  • W. Bow Grocery (now Flatbed Ford Cafe) at 214 North Kinsley Avenue
  • Rialto Theater (now Winslow Theater) at 115 North Kinsley Avenue
  • Quality Bakery OR US Post Office (now Olde Town Grill) at 108 East Second Street
  • Arizona Public Service OR Marcher Motors (now city property) on the SW Corner of Second and Williamson
  • Desert Sun Motel (now Apartments) at 1000 East Third Street
  • Marble Motel (now Earls Route 66 Motor Lodge) at 512 East Third Street
  • Sprouse-Reitz Store (now Wild Styles) at 101 East Third Street (SE corner of Third and Kinsley)
  • Welcome to Winslow Sign on West Third Street
  • The Root Beer Stand at 1001 North Williamson Avenue

We Can Use:

  • *Clear and Sharp* Original Photos larger than 3×3 inches and smaller than 17×11.5 inches
  • *Clear and Sharp* Historic Postcards

We Can’t Use:

  • Photos smaller than 3×3 inches or larger than 17×11.5 inches
  • Photos printed with an ink-jet or laser printer on regular or photo paper
  • Photos that have been retouched or “Photoshopped”
  • Negatives
  • Photos printed in books
  • Photos of photos
  • Photocopies
  • Images clipped from newspapers