Past OTM Programs

The Smithsonian’s Journey Stories in Winslow

Winslow was the grand opening host community for Arizona Humanities’ statewide tour of the Smithsonian’s Journey Stories exhibition, which explores the roles that migration, travel, and modes of transportation have played in American society. OTM hosted Journey Stories at our partner venue, La Posada Hotel, from June 22 through August 4, 2013. OTM also developed a companion exhibit, Journeys to Winslow, as well as Grand Opening and Closing Day events and a speaker series. Additional exhibits, programs, and events were hosted by community partners including Brigham City Restoration, the City of Winslow, Homolovi State Park, the Just Cruis’n Car Club, the Winslow Arts Council, the Winslow Chamber of Commerce, the Winslow Public Library/Friends of the Library, the Winslow Rotary Club, and Wiseman Aviation. Visit our Journey Stories Page for details and images of all the exhibits, programs, and events that took place during Winslow’s tour stop. (Above: Front Street was Winslow’s bustling business district from 1880 through the early 1900s, when it shifted north to Second Street/US Route 66.)

Winslow Celebrates Arizona’s Centennial

To celebrate 100 years of Arizona statehood on February 14, 2012, local volunteers formed the Winslow Centennial Committee. They created a logo and slogan (above), hosted a birthday bash for Arizona, and developed Second Saturdays in Winslow (events albums here), monthly programs that explored Winslow’s diverse history. To kick things off in summer 2011, OTM co-hosted the Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail traveling exhibit, How Splendid is our Past, at La Posada Hotel, and created a companion exhibit, Women of Winslow. OTM also explored Winslow’s pre-statehood history in its 2012 historical calendar, Territorial Town: Winslow, Arizona, from 1880 to Statehood, and in a photography exhibit of the same name at La Posada.

OTM-BetweenFences-WinslowThe Smithsonian’s Between Fences in Winslow

In 2008, Winslow was one of six rural host communities for Arizona Humanities’s statewide tour of the Smithsonian’s Between Fences exhibition. OTM partnered with local artist Daniel Lutzick to house Between Fences and the museum’s companion exhibit, Lines in the Sand: Fences, Trails, Rails and Boundaries, in his main gallery at Snowdrift Art Space. OTM also presented a series of complementary Saturday programs featuring local artists and performers, and over 1,200 people attended the exhibits and public programs. OTM’s former Director, Lila Atkins, presented on Winslow’s Between Fences tour stop with Making Community Connections with Museum on Main Street at the Museum Association of Arizona’s 2009 annual conference in Bisbee.