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OTM-Winlsow-ChamberBusThe Old Trails Museum is owned and operated by the Winslow Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation funded primarily by the City of Winslow, with additional financial support from memberships, donations, and sales. (Above: A Winslow Chamber of Commerce tour to tribal lands in 1958)

OTM is staffed by one part-time Museum Director, so volunteers are also essential to OTM’s organizational health.

Please join us in our efforts to keep OTM thriving. With you, we have a future; without you, we’re history!


Special Membership Acknowledgments


Lifetime Members

  • Allan Affeldt of Winslow
  • David Andreasen of Winslow (Honorary)
  • Robin and Teresa Boyd of Winslow
  • Kevin Brannick of Happy Jack, Arizona
  • Marsha and Mike Childers of Winslow
  • Robert Dixon of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Roberta Gilman and Robert Wilson of Santa Barbara, California
  • Dave and Ann Hartman of Winslow
  • Mary Heldt of Winslow
  • Randy Hummel of Winslow (Honorary)
  • Jan and Maria Elena Keizer of Corte Madera, California
  • Tess and Lawrence Kenna of Winslow
  • Darlene Kennedy and Robert Zaccaria of Winslow
  • Brian and Lori Law of Yucca Valley, California
  • Johana Lee of Pinetop, Arizona
  • Daniel Lutzick of Winslow (Honorary)
  • Peggy and Denny Nelson of Winslow
  • Armand and Anita Ortega of Sedona, Arizona
  • Bert Peterson of Winslow
  • Patricia Raygor of Winslow
  • Joe and Doris Rohr of Glendale, Arizona
  • Paul Ruscha of Winslow & Los Angeles, California
  • Sean and Gerri Sullivan of Evanston, Wyoming


2018 Benefactor Members

  • Robert and Judy Prosser of Winslow


2018 Patron Members

  • Carol and Casey Gilliam of Winslow
  • Alison Kolomitz of Winslow
  • La Posada Hotel in Winslow
  • Sondra Purcell of Winslow
  • John Sears of Winslow
  • George and Adele Shaw of Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Doris Tyler of Show Low, Arizona